Kestrel's Nest


Welcome to my poetry pages. I never showed any inclination to write poetry until the year 2000 and even then my output was very sporadic. My growing interest in Paganism meant that most was for ritual purposes. Some of this output is listed under The Early Stuff.

With my dedication to my path at Samhain 2002 and my subsequent initiation as a Bard of the Gorsedd of Cor Gawr at Alban Arthan (Yule) 2002 my output suddenly took off. So, for the next few years, each year is divided into the four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Harvest as indicated in the menu to the left. Latterly my output has been such as to only require one page per year.

Initially I didn't plan my poetry, it simply came. Usually the whole thing poured out in one go. It almost seemed as if it was not me writing, my hand was simply guided by my Muse, for whose presence I daily give thanks. I seldom did much to it afterwards except maybe the odd word here or there. However, later, my Muse has beena little less insistent and I spent a while in working with the words, taking a little time with them. I'm not sure which method works better. I'll leave that for you to decide. Lately my Muse seems to have left me altogether, which is sad.

I hope you find something in my work; some inspiration or empathy you can react to. All are heartfelt, they are my children, please treat them well. If you want to quote them or use them elsewhere you may do so but, if you do, then please keep the copyright details with them. Thank you.


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