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Index of Titles

Alban Arthan (English version)
Alban Arthan (French version)
Alban Arthan (Welsh version)
All Hallow's Eve
Aphrodite Defends Her Magic
Bedd Branwen (Branwen's Grave)
Blodeu - Flowers
Blood Moon
Brief Visitor
Burning the Past
Candlemas Song
Charge of the Goddess
Child of Promise
Dawn Woodland
Dragon (English version)
Dragone (French version)
Drum Song
Eviction Notice - The Reply
Finding the Key
First Fire
Gaia and Pandora
Golden Fleece
Hawk Stone
Heart of Darkness
How will I go?
Hymn of Thanks for Transformation
In Your Stars?
Invocation of the Goddess (Pentacle Invocation)
Kali Ma
Lest I Forget
Lines on the Great Tsunami
Marching Song, 15th February 2003
Midsummer Darkness
Moon Drift
Morning Sun at the Rollright Stones, 6th January 2003
Old Wind
On a gold dinar of Saladin and a silver denier of Richard, Coeur de Lion
Queen of the Night
Rafting the Pain
Reversed Polarity
Riding the Unicorn
Sea of Tears
Silent Darkness
Singing the Dead
Snow in April
Song of Life
Sun and Moon Invocation
Sun Song
Taking the Chance
The Crone's Song
The Dead Time
The Dying Rose
The Fleeting Wren
The Girl with the Strange Eyes
The Raven
The White Hart and the Peacock
Time Passing
To Rachael, Caer Abiri, Alban Eilir 2003
True Lies
Unwanted Advice
What is Life?
Y Corryn Glân

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Index of First Lines

A Golden Fleece the Argos sought
As the sun rises on a clear day
Be careful following
Bone-cold the sky this night
Bright frost upon the grass,
Consider, take a moment
Dark forest surrounds me
Dark Mother
Death, I am She.
Drum, drum, drum, drum….
Earth, stone, rock, bone,
Eastern sun, intricate and golden,
Fire consuming
Fire Dancing,
Glan Alaw
Golden is the Ash Tree turning;
Have I sinned against the world
How would you have me change my spell?
I am Malkuth, the Kingdom,
I am night,
I climb the last hill
I do not need pain.
I drew the Raven this morning.
I feel the burning;
I feel the cold
I felt her – that day – all unexpecting,
I gaze across green pastures
I had a visitor this morning,
I have learned the hard way
I hear the Sea's Song;
I hear your soul’s call and I am with you,
I met an old wind
I once called myself Christian,
I watched them this morning
If I bring death, life I shall not restore;
In a field
In a flash of feathers
In the high mountains
In the forest a soft darkness lies:
It gets cold up here
It is a white mist that enshrouds the mind,
It is bright day but here I sit
It was your day.
Je l’ai sentie – ce jour – toute inattendue,
Je suis la nuit,
Lady of Darkness,
Lady, hear my soul’s call.
Life is a stream
Living Earth below me,
Mind drifting, Moon drift
Myfi yw'r nos,
O Corryn Glân! O Corryn Glân!
O Isis! Lady of Life!
O, look to the South in the morning
Oh, Gentle Youth,
Oh girl with the strange eyes
Over my head a lark sang
Plait of Fire,
Responsibility is like a sword
Sad song singing
She is azure blue and purest white. Her ever-moving patterns
She wants to be flowers but they make her owls.
Soft fall the petals of the rose,
Sometimes you come softly,
Somewhere out there
Spirits, spirits, send me a wind,
Sun, bright in the morning
The darkness lengthens,
The Ground is hard,
The Moon is She,
The shock of the morning,
The spirit woods are calling,
The Sun, low and rising
There can be no giving in dying
There is a place
There is a sound in silence,
There is pleasure in small things.
This is the way of the wild things;
Thousands marching, marching, marching,
Through eyes filled with tears I see dimly the figures
Tick, Tock, Bad clock!
What ails me now, what ails me now,
What am I?
What is Life?
What shall I do when I die?
When aeons hang on a wild star
Why do I weep