Kestrel's Nest

Seithenhin Sawde Allan

(Boddi Maes Gwyddno)

Black Book of Carmarthen f53v-f54r, 106-107

This seems to be the earliest version of the story of the drowning of Cantre'r Gwaelod - the Lowland Hundred. The land was below sea level surrounded by dykes. There is some uncertainty as to who Mererid is as she is not mentioned in other versions. This may be one of the tales where a well is left uncovered, thus allowing the waters to pour over the land.


1 Seithenhin sawde allan.106.6
2 Ac edrychchuirde varanres mor. 
3 maes gvitneu ry toes.106.7
4 Boed emendiceid y morvin 
5 ae hellygaut guydi cvin.106.8
6 finaun wenestir mor terruin. 
7 Boed emendiceid y vachteith.106.9
8 ae. golligaut guydi gueith. 
9 finaun. wenestir mor diffeith.106.10
10 Diaspad vererid y ar vann caer.106.11
11 hid ar duu y dodir. 
12 gnaud guydi traha trangc hir.106.12
13 Diaspad mererid. y ar. van kaer hetiv. 
14 hid ar duu y dadoluch.106.13
15 gnaud guydi traha attreguch. 
16 Diaspad mererid am gorchuit heno.106.14
17 Ac nimhaut gorlluit.106.15
18 G. g. traha tramguit. 
19 Diaspad mererid y ar gwinev kadir106.16
20 kedaul duv ae gorev. 
21 gnaud guydi gormot eissev.107.1
22 Diaspad mererid. Am kymhell heno 
23 y urth uy istauell.107.2
24 gnaud guydi traha trangc pell. 
25 Bet seithenhin synhuir vann107.3
26 Rug kaer kenedir a glan.107.4
27 mor maurhidic a kinran. 

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