Kestrel's Nest

About me

It has been hard to know what I should put on this page; how much I should reveal to the world. Up to around the start of the new millenium I barely existed in truth. I led a life hiding away from the world and only appearing sufficiently to fulfil those obsessions that kept me alive. Gradually I began to find myself. At first with difficulty, then with increasing determination I began to emerge from my shell, to become what I am today. It was a hard struggle and one which left scars. Old friends deserted me, not understanding the changes I was going through. New friends came along and with their support and encouragement I found a new life for myself and new meaning to that life.

At the centre of that new life are my Animist beliefs. I have a deep feeling of connection with nature, with the earth and all living things. I acknowledge that all things are part of a universal consciousness. I honour the ancestors, not only of my direct line but also of the land; those who have worked the land I live on, and those who have taught me either directly or through folk memory, that Jung called the 'collective unconscious'. Yes, I believe that consciousness cannot be destroyed, since it exists in everything, it only changes with time. In honouring nature I have become a vegetarian and a pacifist. I am also profoundly opposed to the industrial exploitation of nature. I have learned to read the Tarot and that I can, if I wish, commune with other consciousnesses, in whatever form. I follow an Animistic path because I have found it to be the one most in tune with my spirituality and beliefs. I want to live my life by that path but know it can be very hard to do so. I have to eat, I need a roof over my head. This entails compromises; to follow the least worst path when not fully knowing which it is. I seek to help others along their paths but know I can as easily do harm as good. I ask the universal consciousness to guide me. Sometimes the guidance is clear and sometimes hazy. It is my hope I will follow that path and that doing so will enable me to be at peace with myself.

Blessings of the sun and the moon and the white roe hind,

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